Dragon Origami

To make an origami dragon start by creasing a square piece of paper diagonally and folding the side corners in so they meet at the center line. Next fold for a paper dragon.

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Make this realistic dragon using a 10 x 10 paper.


Dragon origami. If you need something fast and confusing please look somewhere else. This is slow and easy to follow origami tutorial. How to make an origami dragondesigned by jo nakashima 20 feb 2015 support my channel.

Fiery dragon origami instructions. This paper origami dragon looks much near to reality and will be a real visual delight to view on a decorative shelf. Repeat this fold with the top corner then crease the paper along the other diagonal pinching the corners to the center to make a flattened diamond shape.

Fold the paper in half from both sides and then diagonally to get the folding creases. Learn how to make an origami dragon.

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