Heavy Rain Who Is The Origami Killer

He was one of the four protagonists and one of the playable characters only to be revealed as the true killer. The most recent case the killer is suspected to be involved in is the kidnapping of shaun mars the son of ethan and grace mars.

Heavy Rain Who Is The Origami Killer Heavy Rain Scott And The Bad Guy Xd Modern Warfare Rain Heavy

The killer is scott shelby aka the origami killer.

Origami Killer Heavy Rain

Heavy rain who is the origami killer. Scott shelby is one of the the four protagonists of video game heavy rain. The story leads to believe that ethan mars father of the newly. He is a private detective hired to investigate the origami killer.

He was a kid hero turned a villain as an adult person. Who poses as a private investigator hired by the family s of the victims. The origami killer is the main antagonist and perpetrator of several kidnappings and murders in the heavy rain world.

Scott shelby better known as the origami killer is the main antagonist of the interactive 2010 mystery drama action adventure video game heavy rain.

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