Kusudama Origami

A kusudama is essentially a modular paper model made up of various units assembled into a ball like shape. The name kusudama translates to something like medicine ball in japanese.

Kusudama Origami Little Island Kusudama Origami Diagram Origami Diagrams Paper Crafts Origami Origami Design

It s assembled from 30 units.


Kusudama origami. First up we have this beautiful flowery orange kusudama. They were originally used for incense and potpourri which i guess is where the name comes from. They re often quite beautiful with very interesting shapes and amazing colour schemes.

I adore modular origami technique kusudamas and papercraft geometric objects. The word kusudama literally means medicine ball when translated from japanese. Kusudamas are modular origami models where multiple units are fit together to form a ball like shape.

You can find here visual ideas some diagrams and tutorials of my beautiful kusudamas. A kusudama for those not familiar with the term is a modular papercraft model in the shape of a ball. It s time to take another look at origami kusudamas.

These models typically use 30 individually folded units joined together without the use of tape or glue. This is the gallery of lukasheva ekaterina paper art.

23f90ac7f01482a8505eb2844046b5fb Little Island Kusudama Origami Diagram Origami Diagrams Modular Origami Origami Ball

db9354e4defa45dc25809234c8220b4b 27 Amazing Photo Of Origami Kusudama Flower Origami Kusudama Flower Origami Kusudama Flower Ball Diy C Origami Flowers Tutorial Paper Crafts Diy Origami Easy

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5fb0595bb6b87d3483f9b811e5468d01 Celes Kusudama Prworigami Modular Origami Origami Art Origami Artist

a55b2883e5f6678d392f391089692975 Large Colourful Kusudama Origami Ball Proceeds To Japan Etsy Origami Ball Origami Etsy

9018770b884a9336564fbc23976f3ed0 Origami Kusudama Origami Design Modular Origami Origami

822943ab625f83a8186e910c460493f9 Pin On Origami

9538ea5dae3f953e5579b32a15aba534 Diy Paper Craft Paper Flower Ball Kusudama Origami Paper Crafts For School Paper Crafts Youtube Paper Flower Ball Paper Crafts Diy Paper Crafts

65bdff5e2b6d543b411fb08abf26c660 Origami Kusudama Origami Modular Origami Origami Flowers

938a40687751b20d44e07d06d661a4a0 Sea Star Kusudama Ball Designed By Tomoko Fuse Origami Paper Art Modular Origami Origami Design

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e4cb458d1cc48af56be88663c52b2ff9 Lamduan Kusudama Diagram Geometric Origami Origami Patterns Origami Design

056ffa0ad90812681307fcd572fd8a48 Flower Kusudama Bouquet Of Primula Paper Flower Tutorial Paper Crafts Origami Origami Art

f676d23d3072dd602349ddd26981850c Cherry Blossom Kusudama Origami Origami Design Book Origami

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