Origami Architecture

Oct 24 2012 explore priya chhiba s board origami architecture on pinterest. Origamic architecture tutorials a new and expanding range of fun and playful templates available on line in various cutting formats.

Origami Architecture 32 Creative Photo Of Origami Architecture Concept Origami Architecture Concept Motif Rflexio Origami Architecture Concept Architecture Paper Model Architecture

You can also design models which are viewed when the paper is opened completely 180 angle.


Origami architecture. Leaning tower of pisa. The site includes their current catalog with pictures. Most origamic architecture designs are viewed when the paper is open half way 90 angle.

Just click on a project for full description and link to video instructions. Hall of supreme harmony. Through origami and architecture japanese culture and art shine all over the world.

This type of oa requires cutting and folding. National centre for the performing arts china. The technical term origamic architecture appeared that many new engineers are using it to create smart and modern designed buildings after attempts to make architectural designs based on the origami concept it s becoming a trend in contemporary architecture.

See more ideas about origami architecture origami architecture. 14 geometric structures article by sa rogers filed under public institutional in the architecture category for all the effort skill and time it takes to produce a typical work of origami the result can be ephemeral limited by the delicate nature of paper. An example of this would be a pop up card.

Visually these creations are comparable to intricate pop ups indeed some works are deliberately engineered to possess pop up like properties. Origamic architecture is a form of kirigami that involves the three dimensional reproduction of architecture and monuments on various scales using cut out and folded paper usually thin paperboard. Architecture which can be loosely described as the art of designing buildings and origami is the art of folding paper to make intriguing forms.

Those origami shaped buildings though sometimes featuring simple geometric shapes reflect japan s intricate mix of tradition and modernism. Origami no alexandra husdal s origami no has evolved into a full blown oa site including an image gallery links to an extensive photopoint album with some good pictures and animations. Origami paper architecture this is the corporate site for brazilian oa designer bassy arcuschin machado.

We have always had a fascination with architectural examples like these beautiful castles around the world. This requires cutting folding and gluing. Suitable for all from the beginner to the advanced folding master.

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