Origami Ball

We see balls everywhere on the playground at sports in painting everywhere. Cardboard paper a4 size sheet scisors ruler hot glue.

Origami Ball How To Make Paper Ball Easy Paper Crafts For Kids Origami Ball Youtube Origami Ball Paper Balls Paper Crafts

Any size is fine.


Origami ball. But you can make a ball out of paper. Next fold the flaps up to the top on both sides so you have a diamond shape. I m going to use double sided paper for my ball.

In this video i m showing you how to make an origami magic ball by yuri shomakov i have already made a tutorial on the origami mini magic ball. I made this with a 6×6 piece of origami paper. Here i ll show you how to make an origami ball step by step you will only need.

If you want to make an origami balloon fold a square piece of paper diagonally in both directions. You will need 30 pieces of paper. Now this ball isn t round it actually has many.

This means there is color on both sides of the paper. Fold the paper in half from top to bottom then tuck the paper in along the diagonal creases so the paper makes a triangle. The crease should make an x in the paper.

You can make one fairly easily out of clay but not everyone has clay on hand. You just need to start with a square piece. How to make easy origami magic ball.

Action origami como fazer bola mágica de origami paper antistresscomo hacer una bola mágica de origam. Then cut in half 15 of one color and 15 of another color.

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