Origami Hummingbird

Your instructables are cool. Lafosse and richard l.

Origami Hummingbird Easy Origami For Kids Hummingbird How To Make Origami Hummingbird Youtube Easy Origami For Kids Origami Hummingbird How To Make Origami

In addition to paper cranes and flapping birds there are hundreds of other bird models.


Origami hummingbird. Open the left and right flaps as shown. Begin by folding the basic form 2. Tutorial teaching how to make a origami hummingbird by tadashi mori complex origami books papers other stuffs here.

Bird models are easy to create because a piece of paper has 4 corners and this corresponds with the 4 parts of a bird. Easy origami for kids hummingbird how to make origami hummingbird thanks for watching don t forget to subscribe to all of my channels. How to fold an origami hummingbird.

When i finally had some time to fold it i discovered with delight that this hummingbird is an elegant and ingenious model based on the traditional origami crane. Head tail and two wings. An easy to fold origami hummingbird.

Lafosse diagrams in lafosse and alexander s essential book of origami by michael g. Fold the flamingo through step 4. Fold the old crow through step 5.

Origami hummingbird easy origami hummingbird for kids how to make an origami hummingbird hope you like this origami hummingbird related videos origami swan h. Do you think you could put some additional explanations in the text around where the folds go. Alexander diagrams in pcoc 2013 southwestern origami models folded from a square of foil origami paper.

From colombia land of hummingbirds andrés plazas shared with me a link to the video of an origami hummingbird he designed. Hummingbird by michael g. Learn the ancient japanese art of paper folding and fold an origami hummingbird in 12 easy steps from origami animals super paper pack.

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