Origami Ninja

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Origami Ninja Origami Ninja Star Fun And Easy For Kids With Step By Step Directions Origami Easy Origami For Beginners Origami Tutorial

In this instructable i will show how to make a cool origami ninja star or shuriken.


Origami ninja. However i have to warn you that the corners are sharp and can poke an eye out or cause injury. Here is how to make origami shurikens or throwing ninja stars in easy to follow steps. I used 6.

Origami ninja weapons how to make a paper blowgun ninja weapons diy easy origami art paper craftseverything for origami http ali pub 3rrj9z everythin. Life hacks trick homemake everything. Add tip ask question comment download.

But just as with any other hobby there are some basic steps you can take to create your origami more pleasurable. Origami paper ninja weapons origami can be fun for adults and children alike. Https bit ly 33snrhk how to make an origami ninja kunai for this origami you only need an a4 square sheet of paper.

You have been warned. Now fold it and have fun. If you are having problems tell me in the comments section.

You will need 2 pieces of square paper preferably printer paper or construction paper but you can use any type of paper you like. Subscribe for more amazing videos. 2x printer paper a4how to make a paper ninja star shuriken origamiwelco.

Gaming art humor. The weight form and shape is even and balanced all around making it also fun to throw. This origami ninja star is no ordinary toy.

Https bit ly 33snrhk my paper and size. Origami ninjastar howtomaketop 06 easy origami ninja star sword gun how to make thanks for watchingdon t forget to subscribe to all of my channels. I m a creator of greatness.

A single sheet of square paperthere are a few steps that requires cutting the paper which can be done by ripping it by hand. 05 easy origami ninja weapon thanks for watchingdon t forget to subscribe to all of my channels. Origami is a superb way to pass your time and spend some quality time with friends and family.

You only need one supply.

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