Origami Stars

Post it notes are perfect to make this simple origami star. The back of the finished star.

Origami Stars How To Make Simple 3d Origami Paper Stars Easy Origami Star 3d Paper Star Origami Christmas Star

So a 12 square will make a 7 star or a 8 5 square will make a 5 star.


Origami stars. All you need is two sheets of square paper both the same size. Kids will be able to make this great origami star for christmas star festival or any other occasion. This is probably the easiest five point origami star in existence.

Each strip can be as wide as 1 4 inch 1 2 inch or 3 4 inch. Working around the star clockwise refold the creases you just made but this time keep them folded so that each fold tucks beneath the next fold this keeps the folds in place and the star holds itself together. The following links illustrate ideas for the christmas themed origami 5 pointed stars.

Https goo gl iim0dkhow to make paper gift baghttps www. Origami stars are great gifts to give to friends or loved ones. Making the 5 pointed origami star.

How to make a 3d paper star easy origami stars for beginners making diy paper craftssubscribe. Origami star tutorial origami 5 pointed star star origamiwatch this video to learn how to make origami 5 pointed star out of colour paper. They are also easy and simple to make ideal for beginners.

Twinkle twinkle origami stars. Origami stars here we have a variety of origami stars ranging from a 4 pointed star to a modular 16 pointed star. We also have the tiny lucky star and the very popular ninja star.

These origami lucky stars are made with strips of paper cut about 10 inches to 11 inches long. Larger four pointed origami stars can be used as decorations on a table or strung up with string as ornaments or a garland. Mini origami stars also known as lucky stars are usually made to fill a glass jar and display.

Learn how to fold a super easy origami star using two sheets of square paper. Origami purists will frown upon me using scissors but hey this is the 21st century not feudal japan the finished star christmas ornaments will be about 60 of the size of the square you start with.

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