Origami Trex

If you ve never folded anything before we recommend you check out our beginner s guide which will show you all the basic folds and techniques. Learn more on gilad s origami page.

Origami Trex Origami T Rex By Fernando Gilgado Tutorial Origami T Rex Origami Book Origami

Step 1 fold the paper in half and then unfold it.


Origami trex. Gallery page 1 of 2. These instructions will show you how to fold an easy origami t rex or tyrannosaurus. See also my new t rex tutorial.

Become a channel member and get special perks. Step 2 fold the paper up along the dotted line to the centre. Position a sheet of square origami paper directly in front of you so that it looks like a diamond with one corner at the top and one at the bottom.

Beginner s pureland t rex 1 crease the paper in half. Origami tyrannosaurus rex and the books showing you how to make them.

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