Origami Whale

Similar to the traditional origami turtle this cut doesn t break any origami rules. You will need a piece of origami paper and a pair of scissors.

Origami Whale 061 Robert J Lang John Montroll Origami Sea Life Pdf Whale Origami Paper Origami Diy Paper Crafts Origami

Step 6 fold the tail up a little bit.


Origami whale. Carefully fold the paper to create the whale s body and small details like the flippers and tail. The origami whale could also be used as a fish dolphin or other kinds of whales. Step 2 fold the bottom of the paper up along the dotted line.

Easy origami for kids whale step by step thanks for watching don t forget to subscribe to all of my channels. Step 4 fold the top and bottom in along the dotted lines. Step 1 fold the paper in half and then unfold it.

This traditional origami whale can be made to have a split tail which can be attained by making a single cut at the end this step is completely optional. An origami whale is a fun project for anyone who loves marine life. Step 5 fold the top and side in along the dotted lines then turn the paper over.

Magic paper channel. Making a whale is relatively simple for anyone who knows some basic origami folds. Step 3 turn the paper over.

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